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MHP is one of the only regional specialty malpractice companies with an "A" (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best.

"... a long history of ...
significant dividends to hospital members"

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Missouri Hospital Plan

MHP is the leading writer of medical professional and general liability insurance for Missouri hospitals, their employees, subsidiaries, and related operations.

MHP was the solution to the malpractice crisis of 1985 by bringing to the market reasonably priced insurance as a "mutual" insurer. Its not-for-profit, tax exempt status and highly cost effective management by HSG has made MHP the leading insurer of Missouri not-for-profit hospitals and employed physicians.

Our "mutuality" (meaning we are owned by our insured hospitals) has resulted in a long history of providing unequaled low priced medical professional and general liability insurance, extensive value added services and the payment of significant dividends to hospital members. Demonstrating highly efficient practices, MHP is consistently positioned well below the national expense ratio average, providing additional revenue to the bottom line and increased dividends to our members.

Customers have free access to extensive resources:

  • Claim 24/7 hotline
  • Step-by-Step Claim Management
    • Report A Claim
  • Risk Management 24/7 hotline
  • Educational Programs and Webinars
    • On-site or online education/training
    • Qualifying providers earn premium discounts and CMEs
    • Library of media resources
    • Monthly webinars (educational and training)
  • Newsletters and Resources
  • Risk Assessment and consulting services

HSG Employee Benefit Consortium

Healthcare Services Group Employee Benefit Consortium (HSEBC) was formed in response to increasing costs of health insurance being experienced by many hospitals in 2009. In response to a plea from Missouri Hospital Association, the HSG team set out to find a solution that recognized the leverage of a buying group approach. Today, HSEBC has brought about available insurance coverage and flexible benefit programs for member hospitals through its group purchasing strength. As a result, hospitals have realized substantial saving and employee benefit plan improvements as members of the group. The programs include group health, life, dental, disability, voluntary benefits and retirement plan products and services. The board consists of participants that have a vested interest in reducing costs while improving benefit programs.

For Information on Retirement Plans, Contact:
Josh Selzer

For Information on all other Benefit Plan Products, Contact:
Randy Lueckenotte

Worker's Compensation Trust

Hospital Association Trust (HAT) was formed to address the lack of availability of reasonably priced Worker's Compensation insurance. Its group trust arrangement gives it the ability to control price based on its own experience combined with improved safety and claim management efforts. The board consists of participants that have a vested interest in reducing injuries and claim costs. Like other HSG companies, profits are shared via dividends to members who average a return of almost 20% of their annual premium.

For Information, Contact:
Tyge Fourtner

HSG Charitable Foundation

The Healthcare Services Group Charitable Foundation (HSGCF) was established in 2012 to help fund healthcare programs that advance the quality of patient care, patient safety, and community wellness. The initial program matches scholarships provided by MHP member hospitals to students pursuing careers in the medical field and support specialties. The goal is to help fund education of locally talented students planning to return to hometown communities to work in the medical field upon graduation. Helping hospitals cultivate prospective healthcare employees, is just one more way the HSG Family of Companies strives to fulfull its mission.

For Information, Contact:
Jennifer Wilbers